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ARTISAN ARCHES supportive design


To get the most benefit from your arches, we highly recommend you read the following instructions carefully.


Artisan Arches are engineered with a patented design that supports your foot to relieve pressure that causes foot pain while adding support to the arch area. Your feet may feel great immediately or the arches may take a little getting used too, depending on your foot sensitivity.  Remember it has taken years for your body to get into the position causing discomfort, so be please be patient as your body accepts these new changes.  



Always test the arch positions in your footwear prior to removing the adhesive backing.


  • Athletic shoes/Ski boots/Snowboard boots/Skates/Golf shoes: You may place the Artisan Arch on top of the insole that comes with the shoe or on the shoe underneath the insole.


  • Dress shoes/Heels: You may not be able to remove an existing insole, that’s OK. You can place the Artisan Arch directly on the shoe. You should feel the support in the center of the arch.


  • Sandals/Open heel shoes: You can place the Artisan Arch directly on the sandal. You should feel the support in the center of the arch.


**The Golf Ball Effect: At first you may feel as if you are standing on a golf ball or the arch may give more support under one foot than the other. This is normal; the Artisan Arches supportive design is adjusting you for a supported foot position. This should go away in a short time.


**Exercising: Do not exercise with the Artisan Arches until your body has completely adjusted to them.


Please Note:  Artisan Arches’ beveled edge allows air circulation to flow through the foam support.  If you have an adhesive sensitivity we suggest you place Artisan Arches under the insole of your shoe.




Artisan Arches may not work for everyone. After following the wearing instructions, if you experience pain that lasts for more than a day in your ankles, knees, hips, or back you should stop wearing the arches and email customer service at 





You may clean Artisan Arches with a soapy cloth lightly passed over them. Do not scrub as this may cause premature deterioration.

Standard Placement (All Foot Types Except - Pes Cavus / High Arches)


Step by step process of applying Artisan Arches:


1) Place in the arch area as shown with the flat side toward the arch (inside of the shoe). Test the position for comfort.










2) Move the Artisan Arch more forward in the arch for more forefoot support.










Move the Artisan Arch further back for more heel/ arch support










3) Peel of the adhesive backing










4) Place the Artisan  Arch in the desired  position










5) Enjoy!



High Arch Placement


Artisan Arches for those with extra High Arch or wear heavy on the outside of the foot.



                               Men's Flip Flops                                                                 Woman's Ballerina Flats






1) The Arches can be used as well for those with high arch feet and/or persons that have a heavy wear pattern on the outside of their foot.










2) You will place Artisan Arches in the opposite way, with the flat side of the device on the outer side of the shoe/flip flop.













Artisan Arches help your feet Cheat Responsibly!

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